WordPress Website Cost

Why choose WordPress? WordPress is called a CMS (Content Management System). It is open-source software that allows you to create and administer sites without the need to program (except for customization as we will see). Thanks to its simplicity and the many possibilities that it offers, WordPress is used by nearly one site in [...]

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Social plugins: spread your content more widely

Social network buttons are ubiquitous. Everywhere on the Net, we like, share, comment, tweet, retweet, pin or add a +1. You do not know what we're talking about? So you do not exploit the full potential of your website. We will show you how to integrate social media plugins into your website to increase the reach of your content [...]

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Migrating WordPress Website Database

I take a few minutes here to propose an interesting alternative to successfully migrate its WordPress database when going into production or a change of host, so applicable when creating a website, a redesign or change of provider. Migrating the database: a priority Your database is the focal point of your web application. Successfully exporting [...]

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Good Reasons to use WordPress

WordPress is the reference in terms of CMS in the world. It holds no less than 63% from global sites. Wondering why use WordPress? You will find in this article arguments showing you the advantages of creating your website via this CMS. WordPress a free CMS There are two free versions of WordPress, WordPress.org, and [...]

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Top 5 Free WordPress Themes 2019

Top 5 Free WordPress Themes & Compatible Gutenberg 2019 Let's clarify one thing first. All WordPress themes are "compatible" with Gutenberg by default, meaning that you can compose content with Gutenberg Blocks using any theme. But if a theme is not compatible with Gutenberg, the blocks will apply their own styles to your Gutenberg content, [...]

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Backup WordPress in 10 minutes

Introduction Making a backup of your website's files and databases are vital to your site. The more backups you make, the less you'll suffer the consequences of unpredictable events such as a hacker attack or hard drive crash. Whether you have accidentally deleted some files by yourself or your WordPress has been compromised and [...]

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How to create a WordPress blog efficiently and quickly 2019

How to create a blog is an issue that many new webmasters are meeting. And this guide will talk about all this! In fact, creating a blog is one of the best things to do nowadays. Whether you have a small business, an online store or want to do something new, blogs can bring you many [...]

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Hire WordPress Developers

How to hire developers? This is a question is asked often. This question is asked because there are many reasons. A good developer can lead projects to the certain level of quality. Eventually, company reputation grow.  A company gets more projects, earn more revenue and become stable. To solve this problem there are few rules [...]

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WP-Optimize gets new features to boost WordPress 2019

I have been using the WP-Optimize plugin on my WordPress sites for many years. The functionality of this plugin is to allow to slightly optimize the database of a site running WordPress, by performing various actions such as optimizing database tables, deleting article revisions, automatic cleaning of the basket, unwanted elements, etc. But that was [...]

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Ways to make money with a website

If you are exploring ways to make money easily, you will often read about people making money from websites, but finding out how you can turn a website into a source of revenue can be difficult. After all, just creating a site and hosting it on a server will not bring you any money. [...]

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