WP-Optimize gets new features to boost WordPress 2019

I have been using the WP-Optimize plugin on my WordPress sites for many years. The functionality of this plugin is to allow to slightly optimize the database of a site running WordPress, by performing various actions such as optimizing database tables, deleting article revisions, automatic cleaning of the basket, unwanted elements, etc. But that was [...]

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WordPress 5.2.3 Release

Source: Source Details WordPress 5.2.3 Release Planning You may have noticed discussions in dev chat the last month or so* around timeframes for 5.3 later this year as well as working to release a 5.2.3 sooner than that due to resolved defects waiting to be released. This proposal provides an opportunity for us to release [...]

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WordPress Upgrade Services

What is service? A word 'service' and WordPress upgrade service mean an intangible product such as banking, accounting, education, expertise, medical treatment or transportation but here we are talking about the Content Management System WordPress services which WordPress gives to their users. WordPress Upgrade Services? WordPress Upgrade Service mean to upgrade your existing plugins, WordPress dashboard. [...]

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WordPress Quick Help

What is quick help? In these days people can not survive individually. They have to contact and communicate with other people and ask for help.There are many types of people with respect to nature about help. Some people willing to help always. Some help others on request. Some not willing to help but they [...]

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WordPress 4.7.2 is released

In technology, there is nothing perfect, everything being updated and new versions release. WordPress is also one of the new and mostly use technologies. WordPress 4.7.2 released recently there are some improvements. What is improved in WordPress 4.7.2? This is security release for of all previous versions. What was the wrong in 4.7.1? The UI [...]

2017-01-27T08:07:06+05:00January 27th, 2017|Comments Off on WordPress 4.7.2 is released
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