WordPress Emergency Assistance

Receive prompt help for any emergency situation with your WordPress website.

WordPress Emergency?

Call us immediately at US: +1.443.282.1572 or UK: +44 20 8144 8565 or send us an email at support [AT] wordpressdepartment.com.
alternatively you can purchase 30 minutes support buckets by clicking on the button below.

What could cause an emergency?

A recent automatic WordPress update created issues with your website display.
Your website is displaying embarrassing images or redirecting to pharma related websites; in this case the hackers might be at play on your website.
Your website start hitting a lot of traffic lately after an advertisement campaign – but your server can’t handle it, and your website crashes just when more people are visiting.
You’ve installed or updated a plugin – and that broke your admin section, or the site layout is completely out.
Your WordPress website has suddenly become sluggish and takes longer time than usual to open pages.
Strange characters, warning and notices suddenly start appearing all over your site and just wont go away no matter what you do.
Your website is displaying 404 errors on all pages except the home page.
You need some changes made to your website urgently.
You need to fast track the development of your website.

What we will do?

We will get back to you immediately with a time and cost estimate.
We will take immediate measures to restore your website and to protect your website reputation.
We will provide your regular updates on the progress of issue resolution.
We have a delivery time of 24 hours or less on emergency services.
We will provide suggestions and guidelines to prevent similar situations in the future.

There is no WordPress problem

that we cannot handle

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You can also buy 30 minutes buckets for Emergency support and use these in future as and when required, for life time. Click the button below to purchase.x
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