Is your WordPress Site Hacked?

We specialize in WordPress hack and malware removal

Since WordPress is world’s most popular open-source content-management-system (CMS), the┬áhackers get a chance to penetrate in the non-monitored websites that run older version of WordPress or outdated third party scripts. If your WordPress website is hacked, we are here to help fix it.

We can remove malware and clean your WordPress website in 24 hours or less!

You can write to us using the form below to discuss the hacking issue and get time and cost estimates for resolution or purchase the hack removal service to get your website cleaned – 24 hours turnaround time.


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We specialize in fixing all sorts of hacking issues and have the expertise to ensure that your WordPress website is clean and protected from any such happening in future. We manually review all of your code, files and database to ensure there is no obfuscated code and make sure that your WordPress is up to date and all the plugins are running their latest versions, to help prevent the hackers.

Top Priority!

WordPress hack removal is the top priority service, where we restore your WordPress website in a day or less, with the commitment that the hackers won’t visit you again.

Our Guarantee

We offer 14 days period where you will get free cleaning services in case your WordPress website gets hacked again.

Send us the hack details and we will get back to you asap!

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